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2022 MSHSL Jazz Results

2022 Jazz Final results View photo gallery on Star Tribune Class AAA EastviewMaple GroveWayzata Class AA Benilde-St. Margaret’sOronoTotino-Grace Class A St. Cloud CathedralLac Qui Parle Valley-Dawson-BoydYellow Medicine East Jazz Gallery at Star...

2021 Maple Grove Winter Open

Yesterday marked the first competition day for high school dance team. Today there are a number of competitions around the state. Thanks to some sponsors...

2020 Jazz State Tournament Central

Tournament Central for the 2020 MSHSL Jazz Tournament. Stop by frequently as we link up team pages. #mndancenews #danceteamnews #danceteam #dancemn #mndance

Maple Grove Dance Team’s 2020 season page

Minnesota Dance News' 2020 State Tournament App: https://mndancenews.com/2020/Maple-Grove

College Nationals recap

The first photos from the college dances at Best of the Best are ready. Congratulations to the Minnesota teams on their Nationals performances. Thanks @rhinestonesunlimited @twincitiesortho @danceesteem and #dancersofmn for sponsoring our coverage. #mndancenews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

Welcome to 2020

The new year brings two familiar events showcasing some of the best high school and college talent in the country. #mndancenews #mystorymn #dancersofmn @twincitiesortho @rhinestonesunlimited @danceesteem @platinumdance

Class AAA Kick Results

High Kick results from the 2019 MSHSL Class AAA Dance Team Tournament. #mndancenews #mystorymn

Class AAA Kick finalists

High Kick finals at the 2019 MSHSL Class AAA Dance Team Tournament. #mndancenews #mystorymn

Class AAA Champions: Wayzata

Congratulations @wayzatadance the 2019 MSHSL Class AAA Jazz Champions. #mndancenews #mystorymn

Class AAA Jazz Finals announced

2019 MSHSL Jazz Class AAA Finalists announced. Photo by @htearse. #mndancenews #mystorymn #danceteamnews
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