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The Kings win World of Dance Season 3

World of Dance season three comes to an end. The Kings are crowned, Unity LA and Ellie & Ava come in 2nd and 3rd. #mndancenews #mystorymn #worldofdance @nbcworldofdance

Ellie & Ava to compete in the cuts of World of Dance

Catch Ellie & Ava from @larkindancemn - they will appear on @nbcworldofdance tomorrow at 7 (central). #mndancenews #mystorymn #danceteamnews @mattebphoto

Ellie & Ava – carrying on the family legacy

We caught up with the @nbcworldofdance act Ellie & Ava to learn a bit about them and to catch a glimpse ahead of Sunday's episode. #mndancenews #mystorymn #worldofdance

World of Dance Season 3 Preview

World of Dance season 3 is set to feature two groups from Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood. #mndancenews #mystorymn #danceteamnews
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