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Hayley Miller jumps up a division, earns scholarships at Jump Dance...

Hayley Miller jumps up a division, earns scholarships at Jump Dance Convention. Submitted photo. #mndancenews #mystorymn #dancersofmn

Dance Esteem

Lindsay Brown created Dance Esteem a decade ago as a place where dancers can achieve their full potential. Help us thank her for her support of Minnesota Dance News. #mndancenews #dancersofmn #danceteamnews

Summit Dance Shoppe

Summit Dance Shoppe is located in Plymouth Minnesota. Summit Dance Shoppe2800 Fernbrook Ln N.Minneapolis, MN 55447

Miss Dance Team Minnesota preview

It is the unofficial start to the winter dance season (stressing the unofficial), it is the Miss Dance Team Minnesota auditions.

Madison Jordan to appear on Fox’s So You Think You Can...

Help Madison Jordan advance in #SYTYCD by voting TONIGHT (Aug. 12) on Fox. @madisonrosejord #mystorymn #dancersofmn #mndancenews

Announcing Dancers of Minnesota

Meet Corbin Hunter in this first of a two part story as she is living her dream of sharing the stage with one of the hottest singers in the world, Beyoncé. #dancersofmn #mystorymn #mndancenews @Beyonce @certified_corbin

The Kings win World of Dance Season 3

World of Dance season three comes to an end. The Kings are crowned, Unity LA and Ellie & Ava come in 2nd and 3rd. #mndancenews #mystorymn #worldofdance @nbcworldofdance

Edina dancers participate in National Signing Day

Congratulations Nola and Kathryn! @edinadanceteam dancers participate in @edinahornets signing day. #mndancenews #mystorymn #danceteamnews @uofmdanceteam @uwbadgers

Ellie & Ava advance to World of Dance finals

Congratulations Ellie & Ava. Well done also to @kaylamak10 and @julianandcharlize on great perfomances. @_ellieandava_ #mndancenews #danceteamnews #dancersofmn #mystorymn

Ellie & Ava set for divisional finals

Catch Ellie & Ava this evening at 7 p.m. as they compete for a spot in the finals. @_ellieandava_ @larkindancestudio @nbcworldofdance #mndancenews #danceteamnews #dancersofmn #mystorymn
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