Becker High School hosts Mississippi 8 kick meet

It was a frigid yet sunny February afternoon as the first of two groups of dancers and fans filed into the gym for a dance event. The event, a Mississippi 8 high kick meet.

Varsity results:
1. Becker
2. St. Francis
3. Monticello

JV results:
1. Becker
2. St. Francis

The Becker seniors were honored, Skylar Kipka, Emma Proefrock, Haylee Oakes, Cassidy Pleoger, Paige Mohs, Kailey Peterson

Becker head coach, Nadia, said that the team was grateful to have a week before the end-of-year “pause” to work out much of the team’s choreography so that when they were back in person they hit the floor and everything came together great. She sent this quote about the team.

“So grateful to recognize our SENIORS in our home gym. These seniors have shown grace, determination, and Grit over the past 7 years, moving from
being one of the lowest scoring teams to one of the top 10 scoring teams in AA. They showed resilience when they chose to be leaders during
the middle of a pandemic and showing up for this team every. single. day. This meet had nothing to do with scores, but everything to do with HEART <3″

Coach Nadia

Photos by Matt Blewett – If you were at the event, we will be releasing our gallery and you can get 2 free images if you sign up by Feb. 16 here.

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