Savannah Manzel performs on World of Dance

Savannah Manzel. Photo by Matt Blewett @mystorymn

Fans of World of Dance will be familiar with Minnesota’s previous acts that have made the show.

Season one and two featured Eva Igo, last year we met Ellie & Ava and The Trilogy. This year, continuing in the Larkin Legacy, Savannah Manzel is wowing America with her endless flexibility and powerful acrobatics, continuing the Larkin Dance Studio’s streak of performers who appear on the show.

World of Dance, which appears on KARE11 every Tuesday evening, is entering the fourth season.

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The opening episode featured dancers who thought they were doing their final producer performance, little did they know that the judges, NeYo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough, were waiting for them as they entered the performance floor.

Most of the acts were caught short after entering the space and seeing the judges sitting there. Manzel, however, seemed to take it in stride. We caught up with Savannah and her mom, Katie last week. When asked about what she was feeling when she stepped through the door and saw the judges sitting there, her answer was classic.

She lit up in her signature smile and let us know that she was nervous, you would have never known it watching her perform. Check out her performance below.

There were no points in the first round of the 2020 World of Dance competition, the competitors were moved on to the next round, were given a callback (a second chance to perform) or were not advanced.

Savannah earned a spot in the next round of the competition with her performance. Her signature smile and happy disposition is a refreshing respite from the events of today. We look forward to seeing her duels performance, which should air at the end of June.

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