World of Dance Season 3: JDC

JDC is a Contemporary group from San Jose, CA competing in the Junior Team Division.

JDC was formed in 2012 and have turned heads through crisp technique and amazing choreography. JDC scored 93.0 in their qualifying dance.

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Members: 8
Ages: 12-14
Style: Contemporary
Division: Junior Team
Social: @jdc.girls / @ashleytrinhdancer / @charalani / @kina_siu / @kylie_perzigian / @priscillatom_ / @rinakanamaki / @solitapita / @yuksters1125

Check out JDC’s qualifying dance below.

Stay tuned for more information on the competition throughout this Spring. World of Dance Season 3 episode 3 aired on March 10 on NBC. Check out more information at NBC.