The Trilogy fly into the duels at World of Dance

Alex Arce, Sara Gutz, and Kevin Avila. Photo by Matt Blewett/Matte B Photography

The Trilogy is a Minnesota group put together for World of Dance.  The trio consists of Alex Arce, Kevin Avila and Sara Gutz, all dancers at the Larkin Dance Studio.  Alex and Kevin started dancing at Larkin about a decade ago while Sara has been dancing since she was two years old. Their journey involves dancing over 20 to 30 hours per week, on top of school and homework.

Having passed their initial test, earning an 86.3 in the qualifying round, The Trilogy will be next appearing on World of Dance on Sunday, March 31 in the duels.  They will be selected by one of the top scoring teams to compete head-to-head, the team with the highest score advances to the next round.

All three were filled with gratitude to their coaches and instructors at Larkin. Michele Larkin Wagner and Shelby Feddema in particular, who choreographed and polished their routines for the competition. It was Feddema who traveled to California as the group’s official choreographer.

If you saw The Trilogy’s qualifying dance you will remember the tragic loss of Kevin’s father. When I asked how dance has changed you, his response was that he, like many of us, struggle to put words to our feelings.  He has, in his words, learned to express my feelings and emotions through dance.”

All three expressed their thanks to the Minnesota dance community for their support during the process.  For a group of two high school students the three have great poise and their athletic and gravity defying moves together are a joy to watch.

The group will always remember the tight bonds forged between the competitors as they interacted on set as well as hanging out together after the competition.  Sara will always remember the surreal feeling of taking the World of Dance stage for the first time.

Fun Facts:

  • Alex: He is a big fan of the Adidas brand and his father is from Ecuador
  • Kevin: Plays the trumpet
  • Sara: Favorite style of dance is ballroom.

Check them out on NBC’s World of Dance Sunday at 7 p.m. Check out our article about Ellie & Ava.

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