The Kings win World of Dance Season 3

World of Dance season three comes to an end. The Kings are crowned, Unity LA and Ellie & Ava come in 2nd and 3rd.

WORLD OF DANCE -- World Finals -- Pictured: The Kings -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Ellie & Ava Wagner flashed their trademark smiles as they stood on the World of Dance stage and said good bye to two of their four finals opponents, Briar Nolet and VPeepz.

Unity LA was the band that knocked Ellie & Ava out of the competition with a score of 95.7 with their dance that had the judges calling their dance a work of art.

The event, however, went to The Kings, an upper group from India who, through fearless theatrics and solid choreography deserved the crown. They blew the judges away in the previous episode with their cinematic style, making it look like a roar blew them away.

In the world finals, they took their cinematic style to new heights incorporating Matrix like slow-motion scenes in their live performance. They wrapped their performance up by a gladiatorial finishing move, launching a teammate through the rafters, coming down on his victim in a breathtaking stunt. They even left Jennifer speechless, frozen mid-clap as the dance ended.

Minnesota will have to wait another year for a World of Dance champion, but their entrants in the last three season have been impressive. Eva Igo placed second in season one and now the sisters of synchronicity, Ellie & Ava Wagner, placed third in season three.

We can’t wait to see where their careers go from here. They are carrying on their family’s legacy. They are granddaughters of the owners of Larkin Dance Studios and have a great future ahead of them.