TCO Tips: Step away from the sugar: How to hydrate

Sartell Dance Team. Photo by Matt Blewett

Dancers, coaches and parents,

During summer dance camps and intensives, you may be dancing several more hours per day than you have in the past.

I remember my first intensive in Durham, NC. I ran the vending machine out of juice and wanted to sleep in the shower because it was so hot! There was no air conditioning anywhere to be found.

Sugary drinks are not the answer to keep your energy up though. Start with water, realizing that many dancers may need 2-4 Liters/day. If you are dancing for more than an hour, supplementing with a non-caffeinated sports beverage can help with electrolyte loss from sweating. Sports drinks, however, are designed for heavy prolonged activity.

Still find yourself reaching for a gallon of juice? It’s often a sign that your body needs more nutrients to fuel your practice. We’ll follow up next week with tips on what to put on your plate in the dining hall.

Hydration often brings up many questions. What questions do you have?

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