Spring training featured exercise: thread the leg plank

Photo by Matt Blewett/Matte B Photography

Featured exercise: Thread the leg plank

Why: The thread the leg plank exercise builds core stability, hip mobility, and hamstring length – exactly what you need for those kick sets!

How: Start in a plank on hands. Bend your knee and engage your core to bring your knee toward your nose. Extend your knee as you thread your leg through to the opposite side of the body. Do not put much weight on this foot; just touch it to the floor lightly. Repeat alternating sides. Start with 20 seconds and work your way up to higher endurance.

Photo by Matt Blewett/Matte B Photography

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Train Smarter, Not Harder Summer Registration Open!

It’s back for a third year! Twin Cities Orthopedics is offering the Train Smarter, Not Harder summer program for dance teams.

New this year: Weight room and specialty sessions on safely conditioning the muscles and joints for high kick technique enhancement

Location: At your school, a TCO performance facility, or Training HAUS

Cost: Sliding scale dependent on number of sessions your team schedules.

For more information, contact Luke at Charlesrudberg@trainingHAUS.com.

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