Performance tips for state from TCO: Tapering: Hold the intensity, but drop the volume

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Dancers, coaches and parents,

Seeking some insight on peaking performance for state? Wondering what best practices are for an off-season?  

For the first part of the month, let’s keep building on our January tips for peak performance. In the second half, let’s uncover the off-season secrets of the pros. The first two weeks make a difference!

Each week on MN Dance News social media channels, our friends at Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) will share tips on nutrition, mindset, conditioning and practice modification to help you reach that peak and make the most of your off-season immediately.

Tip #2: Tapering: Hold the intensity, but drop the volume

Dr. Meredith Butulis, DPT, CSCS, CEP, recommends dancers use the best practices from sports medicine: keep the intensity, but lower volume. What does that mean for dancers?

The week of your competition, practice full-out intensity, but increase recovery time and begin dropping the number of run-throughs.

Consider allowing 10 minutes between each full-out run.

Make use of the 10 minutes by visualizing or watching replay video and selecting the focus of the next run-through. Stay standing to keep the heart rate up, though.

Give it a try and see what happens to your performance quality.

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