Meet the Richfield Tapaires

2018-19 Richfield Tapaires. Photo by Steve Lucas @stevelucasphoto

Team Name: Richfield High School

Nickname: Tapaires (a throwback to the team’s tap-dancing origins.)

Section: 2A

Conference: Metro West

Instagram: richfieldtapairesdance

Coaching Staff:  Arianna Stotz and Emma Lyons

2018-19 Captains: Phoebe McCartan, Mya Gibbs, Rachelle Herrmann, Maya Hartman

Year team was established: 1958 (yes, they have a tradition 60 years in the making)

Team fun facts/stories to share:

  • Last year (2018) we placed 3rd in the 2A section and got a chance to compete at the State Dance Team Tournament.
  • This year, after at least 6 years, we have a JV Kick team to continue the legacy of the Tappettes (which was what the JV team(s) were called years ago!) ‘
  • This year, we have scored the highest scores we have ever received for our Varsity Kick and Varsity Jazz teams.

Special traditions:

We may be biased, but we really love our pre-performance cheer! It is a passed down cheer from before anyone can really remember. Three years ago we added on to the end -Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten! – quoting Nemo of course, but it stands true to our core beliefs on the team!

We have the best alumnae and supports ever! THANK YOU!

JAZZ: MSHSL tournament appearances:  2018

KICK: MSHSL tournament appearances:  1992

Game day traditions: Bagels in the morning brought by our coaches for our early meets, team visualization while in costume, balances to help find our core, we read our sister letters (we have a sister on the team and write each other letters before each performance – our sister does not know who we are and we keep it a secret ALL year until the end of the year banquet), pre-performance piece of dark chocolate to get our energy up, and of course our RTDT cheer!

Photo submitted by the team, used with permission from Steve Lucas. @stevelucasphoto