World of Dance Season 2: Avery & Marcus

Even though they've only been working together for a year and a half, Avery and Marcus have developed a strong bond of trust, which they need for their routines full of risky lifts. They were paired together by Ballet RED's artistic director, Josie Walsh, as they are both daredevils looking to push ballet to the limit on the stage. Avery's strong ballet technique on pointe and Marcus' athleticism on the dance floor make for a dynamic combination. - NBC Bio

WORLD OF DANCE -- “Duels” Episode 209 -- Pictured: Avery & Marcus -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Avery & Marcus

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Members: 2
Ages: 13 & 17
Style: Contemporary & Ballet
Division: Junior

Duels average score: 93.3

Individual scores: Ne-Yo (95) | Jennifer ( 93) | Derek (92)

Duels results: Avery & Marcus broke the collective hearts of Minnesota (and the nation) with their amazing dance in the duels against fan favorite (and Minnesotan) Eva Igo.  The two brought Derek to his feet. “That was…such a step up from your first performance…Love the fusion between the ballet, the classical and the contemporary…it had everything…I loved the performance.”  Ne-Yo chipped in “I didn’t see the nerves tonight.”

See their duels performance.

Qualifying round: Average Score – 84.0

Avery & Marcus were featured in the eighth episode of the qualifiers in World of Dance season two.  The duo has a unique blend of fierce and ballet.  Watch for them to do well in the duels.

Individual scores: Ne-Yo (85) | Jennifer (83) | Derek (84)