World of Dance 2018 season premier did not disappoint

The first round of World of Dance aired on May 29 and did not disappoint.

WORLD OF DANCE -- "World Final" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Derek Hough -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The World of Dance competition features 75 acts split into four divisions

  • Junior – Ages 17 and under, groups of 1-4 dancers
  • Junior Team – Ages 17 and under, groups of 5-15 dancers
  • Upper – Ages 18 and over, groups of 1-4 dancers
  • Upper Group – Ages 18 and over, groups of 5-15

Junior division performances

The hip hop fusion duo Sean & Kaycee shocked the judges when they put on blind folds as they took their places at center stage.  The move drew the reaction from Ne-Yo “Oooh this is going to be really good or really bad” when he saw them blindfolding themselves. Following the performance, he incredulously shook his head in disbelief when, asking to recognize their choreographer, it was revealed the Sean choreographed the dance.  The duo scored 96, the top score for the junior division performances.

The second junior division was Jaxon Willard, a contemporary dancer whose emotional performance brought tears to the eyes of the judges and calls from the audience.  Willard scored 94, earning a spot in the head to head round.

Junior Team performance

The Canadian team Flip hit the stage in brilliant red suits and scored 82.7, eeking their way into the next round.  The judges had some tips to clean up their performance in the head to head round.

Upper team division performances

Desi Hoppers, a hip hop group from Mumbai, India, kicked off the season two with a fun group dance that scored a 96, earning them a spot in the head to head round and the top score among the upper team performances for the night.

The second upper team division performer in the season opener was S-Rank, hip hop group from LA that used costumes that perfectly highlighted the crisp and sharp movements of the dance.  S-Rank scored a 91 and moved on to the head to head round.

Upper division performances

The Japanese locking duo Hilty & Bosch have been dancing together for 20 years, longer than many of their competitors.  Although their dance was fun and energetic, the judges indicated that they did not take the risks needed to make their technically good routine great. The duo scored 78.3 and despite their iconic status failed to make it to the head to head round.

The Chilean duo, Karen Y Ricardo, have been dancing together since the age of nine and are now engaged…and they had the judges standing on tables with excitement as the final beats faded.  Ne-Yo exclaimed that their performance was “the first million dollar performance” of the young season as the audience’s thunderous reaction and the emotional responses from the dancers capped off the evening.  After the scores were tabulated, Karen Y Ricardo scored the highest score in the history of the completion.

It was a memorable end to a fabulous evening of dance.

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