Tips to get heels down on jumps

Spring Lake Park Pantherettes at the 2018 Eagan Invitational. Photo by Rick Corwine | @mndancenews

Question: During ballet technique, my dance teacher keeps noting that I need to get my heels down on jumps. I stretch my calves all the time, but I can’t get my heels down on jumps. Any ideas?

Response: Thank you for the question on jump technique. There are a few possibilities. One of the most common reasons that a dancer can plié and stretch, yet still have difficulty with heels down on jumps actually comes from the spine alignment.

Next time you try a series of jumps, try landing with your tailbone pointing straight at the floor. This will prevent the pelvis from tipping forward. It is often the pelvis tip that keeps the heels elevated. Give this technique tip a try, and share your thoughts with us here at MN Dance News!

This technique tip is provided by Dr. Meredith Butulis ( It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any condition.

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