Tips from the Pros – TCO: Less is more

Our friends at Twin Cities Orthopedics are offering some advise as you get geared back up for school. Less is more

Tip #2: Less is more

Athletes practice periodization – rotating their workouts, nutrition, competitions and games to peak performance and minimize overtraining.

How does this apply when going from offseason to in-season dance?

  • Cut down on general conditioning to make time to work more on choreography and technique.
  • Enact a regular recovery plan with 5-10 minutes/night to foam roll.
  • If you have high-intensity, long-duration dance practices, bring carbohydrate snacks to keep fueling your muscles. Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and weak, shaky muscles all indicate you may need fuel. We’ll share ideas on backpack snacks in our next tip!

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This article was written by Twin Cities Orthopedics’ dance and performing arts medicine department for educational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition.

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