Tips from the Pros – TCO: Backpack snack ideas

Our friends at Twin Cities Orthopedics are offering some advise as you get geared back up for school. Snack attack – Backpack snack ideas

Tip #3: Snack attack – Backpack snack ideas

Going from school to practice? Water and carbohydrate fuel are key to sustaining your performance. This is a time when your body can use some of those simple carbohydrates as opposed to high-fiber choices.

Here are a few backpack favorites:

  • Fruit: Banana, raisins, orange
  • Starch: Crackers, cooked pasta noodles, rice cakes, pretzels, granola bar
  • Veggies: Carrot sticks, homemade veggie tots

What are your favorite backpack fuels? Share here and we will respond.

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