Meet Miss Dance Team Minnesota

This weekend a group of 20 dancers representing 11 Minnesota schools will travel to California to compete in the 2018 Miss Dance Drill Team USA competition.

Photo by Rick Corwine

Minnesota has won seven of the last ten national titles at the Miss Dance Drill Team USA competition including the last four straight.  This year a group of twenty will be representing team Minnesota hoping to come away with yet another victory.

The team includes head coach, Jenny Raiche and dancers Jordan Fasching, Alyssa Gowan, Ellie Hebig, Sophia Hedlund, Ella Holm, Lauren Honke, Hannah Kasner, Kylie Kieker, Grace Kisch, Abby Kisch, Caleia Koehler, Aubree Leste, Payton Meuwissen, Brittany Noble, Morgan Peterson, Molly Segner, Jenni Terry and Nola Winje.

Matt caught up with Miss Dance Team Minnesota on April 3, 2018 on a snowy day in Minnesota to cover their dress rehearsal.  Camera issues not withstanding there were some great photos and sty tuned for coverage throughout the weekend.

Looking for galleries from the Miss Dance Team Minnesota Audition in November? Click here.

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