Costume inspiration tips 7-10

The costume experts at The Lineup have put together some tips for Minnesota Dance News on how to come up with your next earth shattering costume!

Minnesota Dance News is pleased to be able share a series of dance costume inspiration tips from The Lineup.  Enjoy tips 7-10.

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Find inspiration in any photo you see!

Color inspiration can come from anywhere! If you see an appealing photo – from a landscape to a floral arrangement to a shoe –  you can use this as inspiration for a color palette. There are some great automated tools online, like the Color Palette Tool, that make creating color combinations easy.  Simply upload a photo and it will generate a color palette for you and your costume designers to work off of!


Not only is Instagram full of impressive dancers, it’s full of impressive dancers wearing gorgeous costumes! We also follow a few fashion designers at The Line Up to inspire new styles:

The runway

Stay on trend with the newest looks from the Runway! Sometimes runway styles can be a bit eccentric, but we recommend taking a look at the details – like necklines, fabrics, and patterns – to get ideas that would translate to dance costumes.  Find runway photos here:

 Modify a look

Maybe you see a costume you love, but want to put your own spin on it.  Some companies allow you to modify an existing style or create a one-of-a-kind look! This is typically an easier process (and a often cheaper) than designing a custom costume from scratch – but still gives you a unique look. Companies that create custom dance costumes include:

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You can find more great costume ideas at The Lineup. While you are there, please drop them a note thanking them for supporting Minnesota Dance News.