Costume inspiration tips 4-6

The costume experts at The Lineup have put together some tips for Minnesota Dance News on how to come up with your next earth shattering costume!

Minnesota Dance News is pleased to be able share a series of dance costume inspiration tips from The Lineup.  Enjoy tips 4-6.

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Pop Stars

Pop-stars are always wearing gorgeous, elaborate costumes for their performances – which translate perfectly to dance costumes!  Whether it’s a SuperBowl performance, a red carpet dress, or a music video – the following divas are always on trend:

5. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are both visually appealing and full of curated trend information and style advice! Some of our staff favorites are:

6. Movies, Books & TV

Every year we there’s always one movie that inspires numerous looks on our designer’s desks.  The Greatest Showman, Wonder Woman, and Beauty and the Beast have been major players! Thinking beyond movies, TV shows and book covers are also a great source of inspiration, too. Here are some lists of popular movies, as well as great dance shows on TV right now:

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You can find more great costume ideas at The Lineup. While you are there, please drop them a note thanking them for supporting Minnesota Dance News.