Costume inspiration tips 1-3

The costume experts at The Lineup have put together some tips for Minnesota Dance News on how to come up with your next earth shattering costume!

Minnesota Dance News is pleased to be able share a series of dance costume inspiration tips from The Lineup.  Enjoy tips 1-3.

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Your music

Your music determines the mood of your costume, so it’s always a great starting point.  “I find that, when I’m planning for a performance, where I find most of my inspiration is from the music,” said Mollie Sylvestre, a choreographer and instructor at Dance Arts Centre.  “I start there and dream in shapes and create a theme from what the music tells me. I try to use the music to create a story and then build from there.”

You want your costumes to flow with your music and choreography – so it’s always a good idea to send the music to your designer! They love to hear it and it will give them a better sense of the costume concept.  For example, if your music is hard hitting and edgy, you’ll want your costume to be the same (rather than light and flowy).  Here are some great places to find new music:


Pinterest is (of course!) the number one spot for finding inspiration! We suggest using the search tool with keywords to describe what you want, like “open back dance costume.”

You can even make a “secret” board to keep your costume design under wraps – making the reveal that much more dazzling! Here are some suggestions of who to follow on Pinterest:


There are so many dance-centric YouTube channels out there! Not only are these great to follow for choreography inspiration, they are also full of great costume design ideas. Some our favorite YouTube channels are

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You can find more great costume ideas at The Lineup. While you are there, please drop them a note thanking them for supporting Minnesota Dance News.