Costume inspiration from The Lineup

Ten Places to Find Inspiration for Your Next Dance Costume from our friends at The Lineup.

Minnesota Dance News is pleased to be able share a series of dance costume inspiration tips from The Lineup.  After you read all three tips, please make sure to visit The Lineup and tell them thanks for helping Minnesota Dance News bring you great ideas and news from Minnesota.

Inspiration for your next dance costume can come from anywhere: the runway, your Instagram feed, a sneaker, or even something as random as that gorgeous peach that’s sitting on your desk!

We know it can feel overwhelming to narrow your focus to create a concept that is unique from your competitors.  To help, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite resources for finding dance costume inspiration.

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You can find more great costume ideas at The Lineup. While you are there, please drop them a note thanking them for supporting Minnesota Dance News.


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