Class A Jazz Results

Frazee Jazz

The Frazee Fly Girls Dance Team is the
2018 MSHSL Class A Jazz Champions.

Please note that we cannot (Per MSHSL rules) release or sell State or Section photos. If you would like to purchase/use photos (outside of looking at them on our site) please visit They are the exclusive MSHSL photographers.

With that said, you are welcome to browse the photos we have. We have tried to get a handful of photos from each team, if you click on a team below you will be taken to the team page where we will, in coming years, be adding info for your team. Photos take a long time to process and we will be adding photos for through February.

You can also see other (and more) photos at

Finals Scorecard

[event_results 30413]

Preliminaries Scorecard

[event_results 30410]



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