4 Days Until Dance Team State: What’s a Growth Mindset?

Peak Performance Mindset for Dancers

Minnetonka at the Section 2AAA Tournament, Chanhassen High School.(Photo by Rick Corwine/The Minnesota Dance News)

Coaches and dancers,

If you’ve been following our tips, you have your recovery strategy, nutrition strategy, and tapering plan ready to go!

As you enter into this week, let’s talk about what you’re thinking. Professional athletes and dancers will tell you “mindset is everything!

What does that mean? Let’s experience first hand!

Ask yourself these questions as you head into practice each day:

  1. What can I learn today?
  2. What challenge can I embrace today?
  3. How could I think about this skill/section differently?
  4. If I had to pick one goal to focus on today, what would it be?

Pick 1-2 of these questions, head into practice, and see what you find!

Know others who can benefit from this exercise? Please share! Join us tomorrow for more winning mindset tips as we head into Dance Team State!

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