3 Days Until Dance Team State: 3 Tips for a Positive Team Mindset

3 tips for creating a positive team environment

at their section tournament (Photo by Rick Corwine/The Minnesota Dance News)

Dancers and Coaches,

Who’s inspired you in life? Why? What did they say? How did they say it?

Now, ask yourself if the voices in your head are inspirational in this way?

As dancers, we want to do well. We want to please coaches, teammates, family, and friends. If we can add positive self talk and inspiration, our chances of a great performance are greatly enhanced!


  1. When you are practicing that mind dump before bed each night, write one thing you are grateful for.
  2. Before practice each day, text yourself why you are grateful for one more day on the team. Even better, share it with a friend or on your social networks. Positive outlooks can be contagious!
  3. If you see a teammate or coach putting in extra energy and effort, let them know how much you appreciate this.

Try at least one of the above. Start now! Share these tips with others and see how the energy around you becomes synergy!

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