23 Days Until Dance Team State: The Mind Dump

The dancer mind dump?

performs at the Wayzata Invitational on January 21, 2017. (Photo Credit: Matt Blewett/MN Dance News)

The Dancer Mind Dump?

Dancers: Is your mind racing with new choreography, technique, and all of your school work? Are you tossing and turning with ideas running around in your head?

Time to wind down the racing thoughts! You need efficient sleep for the body to recovery. Without enough recovery, the likelihood of dance injuries drastically increases.

What’s the solution? Try a mind dump!


  1. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Grab a pen and notebook (No digital devices allowed!).
  2. Quickly scribble down whatever is going through your head. It doesn’t need to be organized.
  3. When the timer rings, stop. Go to bed. Whatever you wrote will still be there tomorrow, so you can focus on efficient sleep now.

Need more strategies to gain efficient sleep and maximizing performance? Join us tomorrow for more tips on preparing for your peak performance at dance team state!

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