2018 World of Dance preview

Eva Igo performs at World of Dance Live on August 10, 2017 at Mall of America. Photo by Matt Blewett/MN Dance News

Last year we were captivated by several dancers from our state making us proud.  Taylor Sieve wowed us on the 2017 edition of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, taking third place in that competition.

Just up the dial on NBC, a young dancer took America by storm, competing in a brand new concept calling itself the Olympics of dance.  Eva Igo caused the collective jaws of dance fans across the country to drop with her fierce stage presence and limitless flexibility and strength.  She placed second to Les Twins in 2017 and will be back in 2018 to chase the title.

Back for a second season, World of Dance will air on NBC on Tuesday evenings at 9 p.m. central.’


Qualifiers – Each act performs one dance, scores over 80 (out of 100) move on to the duels.  The television schedule for the qualifiers has been announced:

  • May 29: Season premier – qualifiers
  • June 5: Qualifiers part 2
  • June 12: Qualifiers part 3

Duels – Acts compete in head to head duels with the highest score (out of the two head to head acts) moving on to the next round.

The Cut – Acts that moved on from the duels round will dance for a third time, this time against the remaining acts in their division.  Only the top two per division will move on.

Divisional Final – With just two acts per division left, the acts will compete again with the top score in each division moving on to the finale.

World Final – The finale will feature the top act in each of the four divisions competing for the $1 million prize.  They will perform twice in the finale and the top score will take home the grand prize.

There will be a few returning favorites including Eva Igo and the duo from Canada, Luka & Jenalyn.  Here are some photos from when World of Dance came to the Twin Cities.

On May 10, NBC announced it will run a third season next year (before the first episode of the 2018 season aired.)  Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss the shows.


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