The 2017 Chaska Invitational

The Chaska Invitational on December 2, 2017 featured 15 teams and 66 performances. Photos by Rick Corwine, Stu Bailey and Tim Krause - thanks to everyone who made it a special event, but most thanks go to the great staff and volunteers at Chaska High School for making it a great day!

Chaska at the 2017 Chaska Invitational, at Chaska High School. Photo by Rick Corwine /MN Dance News | | @mndancenews

The Chaska Invitational was a smashing success. With 15 teams, the day was filled with dancing and mingling in the commons.


B Squad Jazz (results coming)

JV Jazz

  1. Eastview
  2. Eden Prairie
  3. Wayzata

Varsity Jazz

  1. Wayzata
  2. Eastview
  3. Chaska

JV Kick

  1. Wayzata
  2. Eastview
  3. Prior Lake

Varsity Kick

  1. Eastview
  2. Wayzata
  3. Eden Prairie

This event was the first where we noticed the new live scoring.  What we noticed especially was the seemingly more subdued celebration shots.  We could not help to thing that maybe the idea of knowing the results ahead of time took away from the thrill of victory that was so evident in the raw emotion displayed when the winners were announced.

The other special thing about the Chaska Dance Team Invitational is that it marks the 25th anniversary of the Chaska Dance Team.

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