Sleep affects your dancing more than you know

Tip #1: Why sleep affects your dancing more than you know... 

Rochester Century Jazz performs at the 2017 Land of Dance Invitational at Rochester Mayo High School. Photo by Matt Blewett/Minnesota Dance News | @mndancenews

Sleeping 8-10 hours/night needs to be a top priority. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Decreasing fatigue helps prevent injury.
  2. Dance and conditioning break down muscles. When they repair over night, they grow back stronger.
  3. Ever notice that it is easier to perform familiar choreography? Processing while sleeping play a big role here.
  4. Feel like crying or giving up when dance gets hard? Difficulty with blood sugar stability during long practices? Sleep regulates hormones that help.
  5. Sleep affects how quickly you learn the choreography and technique to support it.

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Story by Dr. Meredith Butulis, submitted by Twin Cities Orthopedics as sponsored part of Tips from the Pros.

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