MEA Weekend Dance Team Audition Prep Tip #1 Your Warm Up

Edina performs at the 2017 MSHSL Jazz Tournament. (Photo Credit: Rick Corwine/MN Dance News)

Minnesota Dance Team Dancers,

Are you ready for winter auditions next week? Are you prepping over your MEA break? Join us for MEA weekend tips to help prepare for your best audition to date!

Today’s Tip: Warm up

When you practice your skills and routines, and before you go on for your audition, warm up.


  • Decrease injury risk
  • Improves muscle speed for movement like leaping
  • Increase ease of movement for higher kicking


  • Set aside 10 minutes before you start dancing
  • Start with small joints. Movements like tendus, head rotations, and wrist circles are examples
  • Add larger joints with slow motions. An example is the standing spine roll down, then roll back up
  • Add more directions of motion. Dance is not only forward and backward; you need to move sideways, rotate, and level change too
  • Add more speed to your motions gradually

What should we avoid when warming up?

  • Try not to sit in prolonged stretches; this decreases the power to your muscles for 1 hour.
  • Try to gradually increase range and speed of motion instead of sprinting around the room to warm up.

Interested in more ideas on crafting your own warm up? Visit “Tips to Create a Dynamic Warm up for Dancers” on the Education 4 Dance Blog.

Join us tomorrow for tip #2! Have comments or thoughts? Please share. We love hearing from you!




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