Dance Team Tryouts Prep Tip #4: How to Ask Friends for Feedback

Dance Team Prep Tips: How to Ask Friends for Feedback

Sartell-Saint Stephen performs at the 2017 High Kick Tournament in the Target Center. (Photo by Stu Bailey/The Minnesota Dance News)

Dancers, as you prepare for dance team tryouts recruit some friends! First, pick a routine, a skill, a combination, or a few counts of 8 to practice.

Now, here are a few tips on how you can ask your friends to provide effective feedback:

  1. Ask which of your strengths really stand out. Is it your smile? Is your pointy feet? Once you know what others see as your strengths, make sure the judges see them too.
  2. Ask friends to watch only specific elements you are working on. Here are some examples:
  • Do my knees look straight on my kick sets?
  • Did I keep my eyes off the floor the whole time?
  • Did I point my feet on my turns?
  • Did I remember to relax my hands, or did they look stiff?

The answers will provide you input on where you are at with your own technique goals.

Wondering how to provide feedback when practicing with friends? We’ll cover that topic tomorrow!

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