Dance Team Audition Prep Tips: 5 Presentation Tips

5 Dance Team Audition Presentation Tips

Faribault takes third place in class AA at the 2017 High Kick Tournament in the Target Center. (Photo by Rick Corwine/MN Dance News)

We’ve discussed how to learn about the audience and how to learn about yourself.

Now, let’s discuss how to present yourself on audition day. Here’s a checklist in preparation:

  1. Does the team have a required dress code for auditions? Be sure to wear what is asked.
  2. Did the team specify your hairstyle? Practice dancing in this style prior to the audition.
  3. Open your mindset to a learning experience. Attend the audition process to learn how you can contribute to a better team and continue to grow as a dancer.
  4. Be supportive of everyone auditioning. For some environments this means clapping, for others it is actively watching, and for others it is being encouraging in the hallways. Follow the etiquette of your team and make sure everyone feels your positive presence.
  5. Be authentic. Remember to be you! Trying to be someone else or “act a part” is something that coaches and judges can often detect. They are often looking for an authentic team player that has the same type of enthusiasm and character day after day.

Take a moment to consider how you will bring each of these practices to your audition experience, and join us this weekend for more dance team audition prep tips!

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