Dance Team Audition Prep Tip Number Two: How to Know Yourself

Audition Prep -- Know Yourself as a Dancer

Mound Westonka performs at the 2017 High Kick Tournament in the Target Center. (Photo by Stu Bailey/The Minnesota Dance News)

Tip #2: How to Know Yourself

Yesterday we discussed how to learn about your audience. Now, how do you meet their expectations?

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  1. What have coaches/dance teachers given you corrections on? In dance, corrections mean that they care and want to help you. Focus on 1-2 items and practice focusing on fixing these corrections every day.
  2. Watch videos of your past performances. If you could only change ONE thing, what would it be? Straight knees? Pointy toes? Hand positions? Looking up instead of at the floor? Smiling? Pick ONE thing and practice it every day.
  3. Can you perform this team’s style? If you don’t have a new routine, then practice an old one. If you don’t have an old one, watch a video of the team’s past performances and learn a few counts of 8. This is a team, so you want your style to match theirs as closely as possible.

Select your daily strategy and practice up! Join us tomorrow for more Dance Team Audition Prep Tips!

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