Blaine dance team fundraiser seeks to help you empty those boxes in the garage

The Blaine Dance Team is collecting shoes to raise funds. Contact them through Facebook or drop them off at the Blaine Fire Station 3 by August 1.

2017 Fall Season Blaine Dance Team

Decluttering and minimalist living is catching on, but the big question is what to do with all those boxes of unwanted (or new) shoes sitting in the garage or attic collecting dust.  You can now help the Blaine Dance Team raise funds for the Fall dance season AND get those gently used shoes to a developing country.

We caught up with the Blaine Dance Team (photo below) to see what they were up to.

The Blaine Dance Team will be collecting shoes through the month of July through a partnership with Funds2Orgs, who will send those shoes to a developing country for repurposing.  You can contact the Blaine Dance Team through their Facebook page to arrange for your shoes or drop them off directly at the Blaine Fire Station #3 (map below).

Here is a message about what they are doing directly from the team.

“Have you heard the saying “walk a mile in my shoes”? Well, the Blaine Dance Team is taking that a step further! The Fall dance team, comprised of 77 dancers, is participating in a shoe drive fundraiser until August 1st 2017. They are raising funds for their Booster club, and also paying it forward to help thousands of people in need of shoes.  They are working with an organization called funds2orgs. Funds2orgs picks up the shoes at the end of the shoe drive, and the team is then given a check based on the weight of the shoes collected. The collected shoes are then sent to communities within developing countries, such as Haiti, where they can be sold or traded for goods. Shoes are one of the most valuable things to own in Haiti, and it’s a valuable part of their commerce according to funds2orgs. The philosophy of funds2orgs is to provide others with a “hand up, not a hand out”.  This program allows people who live in impoverished areas to have the ability to support themselves, their families and their communities by selling the shoes we’ve collected. In Haiti, every school age child needs to have a pair of black shoes to attend school. Often times parents are painting shoes black so their children can attend school. Statistics show that every American owns an average of 15 pairs of shoes! Shoes are vital in developing counties to prevent disease and infection; every person deserves a pair of shoes.

The goal is 7,500 pairs of gently used, new or worn shoes with no rips, tears or holes in them, with intact soles. They are collecting any type of women’s, mens or children’s shoes. They have a drop off location for shoe donations at the Blaine Fire Station #3 off of Ulysses Street in Blaine. “

Here are some photos we got from a June practice.

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