5 Days of Dance Team Audition Prep Tips

Dance Team Audition Tips: Know the Audience

performs at the 2017 MSHSL High Kick Tournament. (Photo Credit: Stu Bailey/MN Dance News)

Dancers, wondering how to best prepare for auditions? We’re sharing 5 days of tips with you!

Tip 1: Know your audience!

What does that mean?

Mostly, find out what your audition judges will be looking for.


  1. If there’s an orientation meeting, then ask “what will you be looking for?” Different judges look for different things. Some might look for pointy toes, while others look at whether you smile. Asking instead of assuming can make a big difference in their perception.
  2. Ask veteran dancers on the team what 1-2 tips they would share with you to score well at auditions.
  3. Search the social media. If the team has a public page/account, what types of praise are on it? For example, if that team is praised for amazing turn sets, work on your turn sets.

Start your research now, and join us tomorrow for more Dance Team Audition Prep Tips!

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