0 Days Until Dance Team State: Backstage Tips for Peak Performance

Backstage tips for peak performance

Henry Sibley Kick at their section tournament (Photo by Rick Corwine/The Minnesota Dance News)

You made it! Welcome to Dance Team State!

Here are a few last minute tips to peak performance and have a great experience!

  1. Passion. Your actions, words, and dancing should all convey your passion for this sport!
  2. Gratitude. You’ve already put in the effort to get here. Take a moment to share your gratitude with your coaches, parents, teammates, and everyone who has supported you in this journey.
  3. Breathe. It is perfectly normal to be anxious. Before you go onto the floor, put your hand on your chest. Close your eyes. Take 10 deep slow breaths.
  4. See. Dance is more than output, it is also about remembering to really take in the information around you (and respond to it).
  5. Keep it in perspective. If you slip, fall, forget part of the choreography, just keep going as if nothing happened! This moment is a wonderful opportunity; your team will keep going. Just join back in!

Other last minute thoughts? Please share! What happens after state? Stay tuned; we have more post-state tips waiting in the wings!

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